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What’s the Difference Between Landlord and Tenant Insurance?


Often, the question gets worded as something along the lines of, “I own a duplex and live in one side and rent out the other side, what type of insurance do I need?”  Other times, we may be asked, “I own a single-family home that I rent out to a tenant, my tenant doesn’t need insurance because my insurance covers their items, correct?”


No matter how the question is asked, the answer usually not as simple as yes or no.  In today’s world, ensuring you have the right insurance coverage to protect yourself (and your tenants) is crucial.  A local agency here in Tampa, Omega Insurance Agency, provides the following valuable information to explain the details a little further.


Best Questions to Ask When Hiring a Property Manager


It takes talent and distinct skills to become a successful property manager. Not everyone is cut out for it.

So, when searching for a property manager, you want to ask the right interview questions:


1.         Is your property management company established?

You don’t want to risk your valuable rental asset to a company that’s doesn’t have the necessary experience. You want a manager who brings value to the table. For example, professional relationships with insurance companies, HOAs, maintenance vendors, etc.

A company that is just getting started will not provide you with this kind of value.


Top 5 Questions to Ask Potential Tampa Tenants and What Not to Ask


Every landlord wants awesome tenants. These are the tenants who keep the place clean, pay rent, report maintenance issues, and don’t complain often. However, as most landlords in Tampa can attest, getting such a tenant isn’t an easy task.

Getting a good-quality renter requires a lot of homework. And, most of this homework involves screening each and every tenant to determine their suitability to rent your property.

Typically, a good screening process involves doing such things as checking out every prospective tenant’s criminal records, income sources, rental references, and credit report. Also, key to the success of screening potential tenants is knowing what questions to ask. (more…)

5 Landlord Tips to Have Better Relationships with Your Tampa Tenants


Every Tampa landlord knows that a high tenant turnover is detrimental to their bottom line. That’s why many focus on building a healthy relationship with their tenants.

When you have a good relationship with your tenants, you can rest assured that there will be minimal problems to deal with. Besides, a good relationship will directly impact your lifestyle, comfort, and finances.

The following are 5 tried-and-tested tips to better your relationship with your Tampa tenants.


The Importance of Performing Inspections at Your Tampa Rental Property


No matter how thoroughly you screen tenants, routine inspections are a must for any Tampa landlord. Routine rental property inspections will help you realize the best possible rental income, protect your investment and maintain your property in good condition.

There are five types of rental property inspections that you should be doing at your Tampa rental property.


Security Deposit Laws in Florida


In Florida, many residential rental agreements or leases require a security deposit. Usually a month’s rent, a security deposit is a dollar amount that’s collected by the landlord to protect against property damage due to a tenant’s negligence or carelessness.

When it comes to security deposits, Florida landlords and tenants both have certain basic rights. These rights are specified under Florida landlord-tenant law. Landlords must comply with these laws when handling a tenant’s security deposit.

Here’s a quick rundown of the security deposit laws in Florida.


Overview of Landlord-Tenant Laws in Florida


Florida is one of the largest states in the country by population. Recent estimates say there are over 20 million people living there. Out of this, 13.3% are renters. To help bring order to the millions of tenants and landlords in the state, Florida has put together an extensive landlord-tenant law.


Best Elementary Schools in Tampa, FL

tampa-florida In Tampa FL, you’ll find scores of great schools. They range from private schools to partnerships and attractor programs. If you’re a parent living in or moving to Tampa, know that your child has plenty of educational options to choose from.

In no particular order, here are the best elementary schools in Tampa, FL.


Grady Elementary School

Grady Elementary School is a public elementary school in Tampa, which is currently headed by Ms. Kristine Dosal. To date, the school has a student population of 458 and boasts of a myriad of extracurricular activities including sports and arts.

Notable awards the school has received include:

  • First in the District on SAT-10 scores for reading and math (first-grade level)
  • Third in overall FCAT scores for the entire Hillsborough County School district
  • First in Area 1 FCAT scores
  • PTA Principal of the Year for Hillsborough County


Guide to Tenants’ Rights in Florida

In Florida, Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes governs residential tenancies. Whether you live in a rental property near the beaches of Miami or all the way up in Tallahassee, you’ll need to know about your rights as a tenant. These rights cover different aspects, from landlord entry to the security deposit.

Here’s what you need to know about your rights as a tenant in Florida.


1.    Florida Tenant’s Right to Have Residence That’s in Reasonable Condition and Code-Compliant

rental-property-keysThe law of habitability is designed to protect tenants. Essentially, it makes property maintenance the responsibility of the landlord. Under Florida Statute 83.51, landlords are required to comply with all local building and housing codes. Otherwise, you have the right to withhold rent or terminate the rental agreement until the issue is resolved.

Florida building and housing codes that landlords comply with include:

  • The roof must not leak.
  • The stairs must be in good condition.
  • The walls must be weather-tight.
  • All houses must have working flushing toilets.
  • Ceilings, outside walls and inside walls must be in good condition and free from rodents.
  • Window panes cannot have holes or cracks.
  • There must be adequate garbage storage containers and disposal facilities.

For more information, check Florida’s laws on habitability and residential property.


Best Places to Live in Tampa for Families

Are you moving to Tampa, Florida? Then who better to tell you about the best places to live than a Tampa property management company. Tampa Bay, Florida’s seven-county region is located on the west coast. This area supports a diversity of lifestyle options for families. Residents of Tampa Bay are able to enjoy a laid-back beach life coupled with the amenities of a vast metropolitan region.

The district offers fascinating museums, three professional sports teams and an array of dining and entertainment joints. Whether you are looking for quiet golf course communities, majestic horse farms, big city downtown living or just historical neighborhoods, Tampa Bay provides a mix of all these, like nowhere else.


1. Seminole Heights

Seminole-HeightsIf you are a young parent looking to start a family in a traditional neighborhood with white picket fences, tree-lined streets, and quaint porches, then Seminole Heights is the place to be. This neighborhood is known for its excellent sense of community. It has plenty of fun activities for children like Bo’s Ice Cream or The Lowry Park Zoo that hosts frequent events for kids and families.

This family-friendly neighborhood is filled with an eclectic array of housing units, including shabby chic homes and renovated bungalows. Also, when your little ones are old enough to start school, there are three primary and secondary school options to choose from.