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Maintenance Tips For Your Tampa Rentals

One of the challenges of being a Tampa property owner is that you must ensure your units are well maintained and habitable at all times. Otherwise, you will have to deal with unhappy tenants. A sure way for you to keep your rentals in tip-top shape is to carry out routine property maintenance. Here, are a few leads on how to go about it.


Property Maintenance in Tampa Bay


Choose your tenants wisely


The quality of occupants residing in your units has a direct relationship to the frequency and magnitude of the maintenance and repair services your property needs. High-quality tenants, for instance, will take good care of your real estate asset. This transgresses into better-maintained properties. Problematic tenants, on the other hand, are likely to cause untold property damage, which translates to wastage of time, money and resources. It is, therefore, prudent to carefully select your renters, to avoid ending up with the high property maintenance costs.


Include a property maintenance clause in your lease

No matter how perfect a tenant might seem, you still need to carry out routine maintenance and repair services. Hence, include a clause in the rental agreement that informs your client, of that fact. The provision should clarify the roles that you are responsible for, and those, which the tenant should handle. Additionally, include a clear guide of what steps to take in the event of property-related emergency situations.


Identify the right vendors

A closely kept secret to having a well-maintained Tampa property is contracting the best maintenance and repair, vendors. Naturally, you will need air-conditioning technicians, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, landscapers, locksmiths, cleaners, as well as roofing and flooring specialists. Take your time and identify reliable, affordable, competent, licensed and insured service contractors. It is important also to ensure that the vendor can answer calls and attend to any emergency situation be it day or night. Such a contractor will keep your house habitable and your tenants happy.


Inspect and repairs the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Just like in many other cities, the law in Tampa compels property owners to install smoke and carbon monoxide spotters in their rental units. If your apartments lack these devices, you are not only exposing your tenants to life-threatening situations, but you also become liable for prosecution. Evidently, it is in your best interest to ensure that your Tampa property has these gadgets and that they are functioning well. Take the time to examine, service, repair or even replace those that are defective.

Inspect the HVAC

Since Tampa temperatures can get scorching, the HVAC and air conditioning systems will have to work extra hard. Make life bearable for your Tampa residents by ensuring that the cooling units are functioning efficiently. For starters, your equipment should be clean and in an area where it can breathe’ freely. Secondly, you need to clean or replace the air filters, and also unclog the drainpipes. These are monotonous for impeding the performance of your AC units.


Repair leaking taps


Water wastages in homes have become a matter of concern to the Tampa authorities. Factors such as leaking toilets, taps, and damaged water pipes are the main culprits in this case. Leaky faucets, for instance, can lose up to several gallons of water in a day. Besides the increased water bills, such leakages can cause structural damage to the building, and also ruin your tenant’s belongings. For this reason, inspect all the taps, and water valves in the house and fix or replace the faulty ones accordingly.


Repair the roof and guttering


Take the time to check your roof to ensure it has no structural defects such as broken tiles, missing shingles, or holes. In case you find any faults, get a competent roofing technician to restore it by repairing or replacing it. While at it, make sure to examine the guttering to ensure that water flows through effortlessly.


Repair the electric wiring

Faulty electrical wiring can lead to catastrophic outcomes. For instance, they can electrocute a person, start a fire, or even damage the electronic devices in the house. At times poor connections can spike up the electrical or energy consumption. Get a certified electrician to check out the electrical circuit in the home and carry out any needed repairs or maintenance work.

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