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New Tampa Property Management – Advantage Realty

Let Us Help You Manage Your New Tampa Rental Property

Are you trying to find a quality property manager in New Tampa, Florida? In that case, look no further, you’ve arrived at the right place! 

Operating for over 20 years, Advantage Realty Services has been providing high-grade property management services in New Tampa and the surrounding areas of Tampa, Lutz, Odessa, Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes and many other areas in Central Florida. 
We strongly believe in honesty, trust, and communication. These are the qualities upon which we have built numerous relationships with our clients over the years. Although these qualities may not be needed in most relationships, we strongly believe in them, and we believe that hardly any business relationship will survive without employing them. We also believe that our business has continued to grow over the years, as a result of these relationships we built on honesty, trust, and communication.

At Advantage Realty Services, we have a fantastic team of property managers who work round-the-clock to ensure that your property remains in the best condition and earns the best revenues, without you having to spend any amount of time or effort.
Regardless of whether you’re a local investor or from out of state, our property managers are always there to guide you. We manage a large and diverse portfolio of properties, which include residential homes, condos, and town homes.

We recommend that you read more about the services and book your free consultation by calling us today!

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More About Advantage Realty Services in New Tampa

At Advantage Realty Services, we have a team of professional property managers who are dedicated to making sure that you receive the best returns on your New Tampa rental property, without having to spend any time or effort on your part. By hiring us, you will be able to rest easy, knowing that your investment property is being looked after by an experienced team who manage your rental property as if it were their own. 

As Your New Tampa Property Manager, we maintain your property at all times, have it occupied by high-quality tenants, maintain records, budget improvements and collect rents. We even handle any other unforeseen tasks that may come up in the process. 

Comprehensive Property Marketing:

In order to keep your property occupied, we use unique marketing programs, promotional offers and advertising strategies. We fully understand that a vacant property generates costs without generating any revenues, and to prevent that from happening, strive to place high quality tenants as soon as possible. 

Conducting In-Depth Tenant Screening:

Difficult tenants can lead to a loss of income and time. At Advantage Realty we put all applicants through a thorough screening process before giving them the keys to your rental property. By performing effective tenant screening before placing tenants we reduce the likelihood of having to deal with tenant evictions. 

Collecting Monthly Rents:

Late and missing rent payments can lead to setbacks. That is why we have a professional-yet-strict collection policy in place with each tenant that is placed in your property to ensure that every month’s rent is paid on time. We make it possible for monthly rent to be paid online through an automatic monthly payment system to avoid missed rent payments. 

Conducting Property Inspections:

At Advantage Realty Services, we understand the importance of regular property inspections in ensuring that your investment remains in the best condition and keeps generating revenues without generating too many costs. Other than the standard move-in, move-out and periodical inspections, we also conduct surprise inspections to ensure that your investment is in peak condition and that your tenants are upholding the lease’s terms. 

Conducting Maintenance and Repairs on the Property:

Not only is the physical structure of a property (i.e. its electrical system and plumbing, landscaping, walls, appliances, pools etc) complex, it also differs largely from one state to the other and from one climate to the other. 

We build and maintain strong relations with contractors as well as repair companies, and to that end, use our considerable volume to get the best-possible services at the lowest possible rates. We strive to preserve your prized investment’s property value by maintaining the capital expenditure budget and monitoring the quality of every maintenance and repair work. 

Accounting and Record-Keeping:


In order to prevent your property from becoming a liability, you must uphold all the listed norms and requirements that have been laid down by the local, state and Federal governments. This includes several things (but not limited to) such as escrow management, maintenance of operating licenses for the county, keeping meticulous records of tax payments and accounting, etc. Additionally, every tenant interaction and activity should be meticulously recorded and stored carefully till a specific period. 

For financial functions, several states have specific requirements in place to handle funds paid by the renters to disburse to the owners. At Square Property Management, we are extremely proud to meet all requirements for state licensing to manage your rental investment properties.

Serving tenants notices and evictions as and when necessary:

As your property manager, we deal with the rather unpleasant job of having to evict your tenants, if required. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of laws pertaining to the eviction process. In the event a tenant does not uphold the lease’s terms, our staff will take every necessary step to reduce the costs by evicting that tenant and replacing them with a new one.

New Tampa Area Information

New Tampa is an area in Florida that spreads out over 24-square-miles and is within the corporate limits of the City of Tampa, as well as an area that is unincorporated Hillsborough. New Tampa still retains a Tampa mailing address yet is its own city. This area is one of the largest and fastest growing neighborhoods in Tampa. In 1990, this area had only 7,000 residents where as it currently has an estimated population above 40,000 residents.

Along with the growing population, there are also many residential communities going up. With the increase in population, many stores are opening up in this location, transforming this once rural city.

New Tampa is surrounded by Lutz and Wesley Chapel to the north, which are both areas serviced by Advantage Realty.