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Renting a Moving Truck vs Hiring a Moving Company

Moving Truck vs Moving Company

Every time people move, they tend to ask the same, age-old question: should I hire a moving company, or simply rent a moving truck?

Many assume that a moving truck rental is the cheaper option, and don’t consider Orlando moving companies in the area that can offer full-service moving at a budget friendly price.

suitecaseMoving companies have both the resources and the expertise to offer extremely competitive pricing, making it simple to plan moving services while reducing stress and being able to focus on the more important things. Nobody enjoys moving everything themselves. Hiring furniture movers and a company that specializes in large, heavy items ensures that your items are moved efficiently and correctly.

Hiring a moving company makes it easy to pack at your own pace and then leave the moving and unloading to the professionals. Saving time and resources, you can focus on getting better acquainted with your new area and not have to stress over the move.

If hiring a moving company still doesn’t sound ideal, there are other options that provide the ultimate flexibility while making it easier to plan a move.

Middle Ground Solution – Moving Containers

Moving containers make it simple to pack up your items for moving to a new location. As the perfect halfway point between renting a truck and hiring a moving company, moving containers allow you to pack at your own pace. Afterward, the container is delivered to your new home.

Portable storage units make it simple to plan ahead, which ultimately simplifies your move. You can either pack it and have a company transport it or hire a company to both packs and moves everything for you. In terms of flexibility, it is the best option out there.

Moving can be complicated, the best way to make you life easier is to plan. Going over each options pros and cons will allow you to make the best decision.

Hope this helps!

Editor’s Note: The Following is a guest post by Insta-Move Inc., a moving company servicing Orlando.

Posted by: stephenfox on March 2, 2017
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